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DynaVap continues to expand the Dynaverse with a plethora of accessories and replacement parts, and Planet of the Vapes has them all. From concentrate use, to a variety of cleaning and maintenance supplies, we have everything you need to keep you running all day long with your VapCap, and more! Check out our vast line of glass stems and attachments to change up your routine, as well as DynaVap’s lineup of Induction Heaters for a simple heating alternative.

The DynaVap Vapcap

Everyone should have a VapCap. Its ritual will pull you in with the twirling, the hissing lighter, and the anticipation of “the click”! You’ll become attached to yours, and maybe even feel a little weird without it. There’s a VapCap for everyone, whether you want the introductory M, or the diamond-cut OmniVap, and DynaVap encourages third party accessories and untamed customization. The modular design has been called the Lego of vaporizers, and you’ll never be bored with a VapCap.
The latest “M”
It seems like every year DynaVap releases an improved version of the M. We have no idea what it will look like in 20 years, but the current version is a keeper. The 2020 VapCap M has double the airflow cuts in the tip and a chiral airport in the body, and introduced the new Captive Cap. Every part of the outside has been etched with a purpose, from the dodecagon shaped bowl, to the subtle “M” engravings around the body. We spent an evening with George from DynaVap, and got a glimpse into the fractal nature of his engineering mind. The more you explore the 2020 DynaVap M, the more you discover!
Custom Setups
Now we’re having fun. Everything DynaVap that isn’t related to the M is modular with titanium internals, and is where the Lego comparisons come from. The tip and cap create the vapor magic, and mate with any 8mm diameter hole, whether it’s a DynaVap wood stem, or an apple in your kitchen. We’ve got OmniVaps with variable air flow, NonaVongs that mate with glass, and OmniVongs that do both. (Sorry, no Fruitvaps yet, but you can make your own!) If you want to dig into how the VapCap works, look over our full Review, and don’t miss our DynaVap Buyer’s Guide Guide to help you sort through all the options.
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